Mukesh Chetwani

29 July 2020

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Village to waichin valley

Waichin valley trek is full of nature snow-peaked mountains, pristine waterfalls and patches of pine and coniferous trees all around. Waichin valley is 4Km far and in up direction from Malan village. It is located at an altitude of 2754m in Parvati Valley and popular for its mountains which is full of greenery. People love it because of adventure and aroma of flowers.
The best season to go from mid-August to November. It is cold area throughout year due to high hill. Therefore, few people reach there.
The best valley to reach Waichin valley by going on foot otherwise taxis are available from Malana Village.

Camping: – Joy of mountain is deficient unless you enjoy the night under the stars. There are many types of camping such as bonfires, gala time, cooking and play out with friends.

Photography: – If you are keen to take surreal picture that place is meant for you. The place is like paradise especially for photographer which will not disappoint you.

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