Save money on vacation with the right planning! The year has only just started and vacation planning is already on the agenda again. In consultation with colleagues, vacation days can be saved with the help of the bridging days when planning the time! We give further tips on planning, transport, accommodation and meals on site so that you can relax on vacation and save money at the same time!

Planning vacations with long days Save your vacation days, because Easter 2014 is cheaper than ever!  A little skill in planning your vacation saves a lot of remaining vacation! Online research for air travel saves money Would you like to take a flight and save money at the same time? Use the so-called pure flight search engines instead of vacation portals for your search, as the latter collect commissions for your services. You can compare all providers on flight search engines – this is important because some flights with established airlines are even cheaper than with low-cost airlines. Take your time to compare prices! Take into account the additional fees, possible surcharges for luggage or credit card payments! Experiment with time periods, times, place of departure and vacation destination. Those who are flexible save real money! Let yourself be advised in a classic travel agency – especially if you are unsure of what to consider when traveling abroad! According to research, the right time to book is eight weeks before departure. Those who plan for the long term get low prices because the airlines can then plan for the long term. Outbound flights on Fridays – return flights on Mondays: Studies show that both within Germany and within Europe the flight prices are particularly cheap on these days! Save money with early bird discounts and last-minute trips: Trips should either be booked long-term or planned very spontaneously at the last minute – then you will save a lot of money with remaining places!

Travel cheaply by train, bus, car or ship

Regardless of whether you are going straight to your holiday destination or to the place of departure – find out in good time about savings offers on the train, car sharing agencies or the increasingly popular intercity buses!

The brightly colored touring buses, which offer fixed routes at low prices within world, are increasingly on the highways. Other providers also go to destinations in other countries. The price comparison to the train for short-term plans is particularly worthwhile.

Get advice at the counter before planning your trip: there are often cheap train journeys. From the very first trip, it is often worthwhile to purchase a Bahncard, which, by the way, is always available at low entry prices.

Also keep in mind that when traveling by car, in addition to running fuel costs, you may also have to pay for parking, ferries or tolls. Make sure to factor these costs into your decision making.

Carpooling agencies collect offers from drivers on their known routes. If you have little luggage and want to get from A to B quickly, this is a cheap alternative.

Cruises are popular – more and more vacationers are enjoying luxury on board and on excursions ashore. With a few compromises in terms of comfort, as a normal holidaymaker, you can also board cargo ships. Anyone who avoids organized guest entertainment is at the right place here and saves money!


Some More Important Tips for India: –


1.Always stick to your budget.

Don’t allow temptation take your vacation peace. You have already planned it and the best thing is not to expend more once you have started.

One of the tips to save some more is to go for road ride wherever possible. It seems a tiny advice but can be magical some times.

2.Split the cost with friends.

Be sure that nobody is left out when you are splitting the bills. Road tripping in group with your best buddies can help cut costs on fuel, food, and lodging.

Also, you can use google pay or paytm to pay each other. This will help you in two ways. First, there would be no hassle of change and secondly you all may earn some points which might be helpful in future purchase

3.Bring snacks with you.

Do you have memories of “aloo poori” in childhood train journeys? well you have to do the same. Poori can be added with pasta, Maggi, oats, nuts and several other homemade snacks. Believe it or not but it will save a hefty amount of your trip. So, take some inspiration from our Gujrati brothers and bring along the khakhra fafra with you.

4.Explore accommodation options.

It is not necessary to take the expensive hotels. There are several other options available you may take a flat on rent through OYO and can stay with your group at cheaper rates. Of course, you have to cook your own meal or you may find cheap out some low-cost food outlets with the help of locals.