Every Indian has fantasies of jetting off around the globe to secret Himachali villages and the world’s most beautiful beaches.
But the crushing reality is that travel costs you heavily and for most of our middle-class families, this is not a limitless resource.
You may have taken resolution this year that you would have a nice family trip but because of dwindling finances due to any reason, you have found your plans walking on thin ice. Do not be disappointed —you still time to save enough money to book a wonderful holiday.

Here’s how you can start saving money, keep saving money and then enjoy it all on that epic trip you’ve been dreaming of.


1. Make a Budget
The first key step in saving for a vacation is planning for it. Before being concerned about money just plan out where you want to go, where you want to stay and what you want to do while you’re there. While you’re digging in, keep a record of how much airfare, train fare, accommodations, food and activities is going to cost. After you have the blueprint, then calculate the cost.
Now Count how many weeks you have and divide your cost by the time you need to save. Now you know the amount to be kept aside every week. Consider this as “dream destination savings”.


2. Buy in Bulk
Try to buy your daily household items in bulk. This will help you to save some extra bucks every month you may also include the items that would be necessary in travelling.


3.Sell your unwanted belongings
it seems to be a joking advice but take a moment to look around your house. If you would de clutter the unwanted items you can easily add some money for the dream trip


4. Pick up extra shifts at work (or get a job)
Pick up the extra shifts. There are several projects on net worth you may try your hand for some sprinkling rupees
You may also consider following tasks as you chance to earn more:

Online surveys
Work as a TV Extra
Mystery / secret shopper
So, keep exploring, keep enjoying and remember where there is will there is way. Vacation now a days is not luxury; it is a way to get some fresh air from your nice regular but monotonous hectic schedule.

5.Book in Advance- Check out the booking updates and book your resort in advance as per your trip schedule. This will help you to understand the budget analysis before your trip. You will get the discount or other benefits from the booking site like cashback, special package, meal, breakfast, desert etc. These benefits help you more for saving money.


6.Get Travel Insurance- Travel Insurance is one of the best thing which we need to do before the trip but most of us won’t to do it. Accidents or any mis-happening could be done anywhere. Insurance provide us safety in terms of capital like if we injured, accidental or any disability during the trip. Pick up a insurance policy and enjoy the adventure without any risk.

7.Minimize Travel Risk- Register yourself where you can on your country travel portal and bring some extra money with you or credit card with you. This will help you in case of difficulty whether its relevant of capital problem or personal problem. You need to secure your belongings too. You can take up your belonging with you during the journey. You can carry these belonging in a beg or you can purchase a safeguard for it but try to pack it smartly.