All road trips have one thing in common: Afterwards you are always a little smarter. As part of our anniversary competition, our customers shared their road trip tips with us, for which we would like to take this opportunity to thank you again! And they’re actually way too good not to be immortalized in a blog post. We share few road trip tips with you that customers and teammates have brought back from their travels – from clever to curious.

Most of the backpackers will be aware of this adventure but if you are starting your backpacking for your adventure then we are also one of them who already have engaged with this. Roadside adventure is for those who wants romantic vision of wind in your hair, beautiful camp vistas and easy, carefree adventures. And you will have that—if you’ve got the funds to cover it.

The rest of us have to get creative.

Road trips YEAH!

What is living on the Road for you? It covers the basics of life like food, water, culture, adventure and most importantly shelter. Initially, It could be more tricky for you and then there are the things we take for granted such as entertainment, staying clean, and exercise. After two years of shunning four walls and traveling under strict income restrictions, I’ve learned a few tricks to making this all possible. Want in? Read on.

Beautiful view off a dirt road.


  1. Water

Make Sure you are not without water. It’s not easy to come as you may think. Keep you water with you even as you think that there will be easy availability of water. It eases your journey. Make sure about screw of lids and keep it store in safe container. If you feel that water is soon going to end then fill it up without any delay.

  1. Food

During the road trip, it is an essential aspect to manage the food availability. How you could manage it? Well, you can stock up of some snacks like chips, Dry food, popcorn’s, Bread etc. It can be a good option while driving for a long way-up. Not only snacks, if you get the opportunity to get some fruit shakes, sandwiches, oats and peanut butter in the breakfast then it will be awesome as morning meal. Search for hygienic meal on the way that will be best for you.

  1. Shelter

Try to park your vehicle at safe site or city side. A 24*7 local fast food chain and hotels parking could be best option. This is best area for park in urban areas but if you are in rural areas or in forest area then don’t compromise your parking. Try to find safe shelter then park your vehicle. Always focus to meet with new peoples? Might, you get the new travel buddy and a mate in couch surfing. You can use car tents or sleeping begs in the safe location.

Keeping Clean


  1. Personal Hygiene

Road trip doesn’t mean to be lazy. You need to be conscious about the hygiene problem. Probably no one complain you about anything just because of road trip but personal care is must. Take proper bath, brush and floss. Hygiene problem could be worst sometimes. It could be reason of uncertain illness which will definitely affect your trip and you won’t like that a disease spoils your trip.

  1. Stay Organized

Only carry essential things with you. Don’t full your car with too much luggage otherwise your car seems like a cage. Try to make proper space in car that will give you comfort during the journey. Keep snacks, duffle bag, clothes, books, cooking items and gadgets with you.

Stay organized or else your car will become a mess!

The Extras

You could carry entertainment, fitness and learning things for you which you might like in your travel. That’s totally up to you what you want to carry.