1. Think Location
If you are finding cheap hotel accommodation which is outside the town or far away from the location then you have to pay extra money for transportation and it make no sense to pay extra transportation charges.

Always try to get hotel accommodation in the central area of the location where you can easily get public transport, airports, local attractions, food outlets, beaches, parks, views and cultural aspects, and the ability to get out and most importantly you can walk to most things. This will help you more for money saving purpose as well as for comforting your visits.

This will help you save money and save on time!


2. Stay More Than 1 Night in Your Accommodation
Most of the best deals provides by the hotels to their visitors as a package. So, if you stay there more than 1 day that could be more beneficial for you. Try to crack down the deal with hotel accommodation as 3-Day & 4-night package or 6-day 7-night package that will be best for you and it can be cheapest in comparison to day by day charging to hotel. This could be best deal especially in off-season.


3. Stay Over Sunday
Most of the hotels registered on travel portals. So, they receive bookings mostly on Friday and Saturday night. That’s why Sunday could be best option for crack your accommodation deal with hotel or you can book hotel from Monday to Friday that can also provide you best deal for your visit.


4. Stay Mid-Week
If You are on holiday and exploring the best destinations which is famous all around the region then definitely you will face the rush during the season. So, think strategically, during the weekend off, you will definitely face the rush because it’s an holiday for all and local gathering can make you trouble. Due to the crowd you can face the high prices. So, get the deal in the right way.

5. Travel in the Shoulder-Season
It is quite obvious the impact of the season for your hotel accommodation. If you are going in the on-season then due to the large crowd the bookings for the hotel will be high and in off season you can crack the deal even I the half price or below average prices.

Now, you must be thinking about the shoulder-season?
This is the time between the Off- Season and the On- Season. During this time, the prices of the hotels will be marginally low and that will be win situation for you. There are lots of other factors also which makes shoulder- season best for visit. Firstly, you will not miss the weather aspects and it can help you to exploring the sightseeing measures. You can enjoy your trip with out any trouble and marginal travel prices will help you more. You can spend more your interest when you get cheap basic facilities. For Example- if you visit hills area in India then summers is the right time and for desert destination winters is best.


6. Stay in Apartments or Suites and Share the Costs
This is also the best way to cut out the over expenses which is going to be spend on hotels accommodation. Staying in apartments and holiday homes is also best. Now a-days, it is one of the great thing which is providing us the option for stay and most importantly it helps to save our over expense. Choose an apartment in good condition and you can enjoy the cooking there or you can order you best food from local restaurants. If you have partners with you then this is excellent then you can share the cost of expense with them.

This is one of our best travel tips on how to save money – especially for families or small groups.

We have travelled in lots of destinations and really apartment option is awesome. It is comfortable and helps you to feel the local living hood.


7. Consider a Hostel
Most of the backpackers use this option because they travel too much. That’s why they don’t want to spend more on accommodation charges. That’s why they use this option. If you also want to live the adventure and want to save money through this so first check out the condition of the hostel because most of the hostels filled with over crowd and mismanagement. Beware about quantity and quality of the hostels. Hostels are one of the best options in the Big Cities for European Countries. It is the best way to meet out other travelers during the journey. This is one of the best ways for interacting with new friends. Basically, most of the hostels meet with your exact requirement like wifi, food and good condition of rooms. You can check it with reviews by other travelers because some hostels are extremely good and few are bad. Make your decision as per your needs.


8. Stay in a nearby town or outside the city center
If you feel that the prices of the hotel are high or overrated at the location then you could reach out for the nearby area, towns or outside the city center location. This could be the most reliable effort for you in concern to save the money but when you make decision for outsider location. The thing must concern at the moment is the connectivity route to the city center area. It should be nearby the location so you can enjoy the center area as well as you should get the flexible transportation facility for the trip.


9. Book Rooms that offer free cancellation
Most of the travel is preplanned by the traveler. Advance Booking for accommodation is the best option and its online presence make it outstanding for the business but sometimes you get other deal which you think is best than before or there is another urgency so you can’t go out there for the visit. So, there should be a cancellation option for the booking. There are lots of platforms which provide you free cost cancellation service for the booking.

For example,, Yatra, Make My Trip offer free cancellation on most rooms. And their book now, pay later at check-in system allows you to lock in that rate with some flexibility. Just check the booking conditions as per your concern and always book your trip with trustable booking firm.


10. Check the Dining Options
Try to get the free breakfast deal from the hotel side during the hotel booking. Some Hotels provide breakfast with desert for the visit. Again, location is key when choosing where to stay, so make sure you have access to local cafes and restaurants. Mostly local restaurants are marginal and also best in the taste and another important thing is that you will get different food menu like Kids Food, Fast Food, Traditional Food etc. This is crucial factor while planning for the trip.


11. What facilities does your accommodation have?
Check out few more essential things like free WiFi, free airport shuttle, free breakfast, free cable TV, laundry facilities, a pool, BBQ areas, private rooms with en-suites, a tour booking desk, 24-hour reception?
All these features add up when you’re trying to save money!


12. What’s the hotel room configuration?
Is your hotel suitable for the purpose? If you are travelling with friend, family or group then you must decide that how you can manage the cost of living. Sharing of beds is the best option that will be helpful for you. Make sure if are travelling with 4 family member than go for two double sharing beds.


13. Check for family deals on your Accommodation
Always ask about discounted family rates, free meals for children, and an upgrade at check in – they can only say no.


14. Use Accommodation Reward Programs
If you are regular traveler or a backpacker then always engage with the hotel booking sites so you can use the reward or membership program because regular booking from the same platform and a same hotel chain is liable for their rewards. It is the policy of the booking platforms for regular engaging the traveler. It is win-win situation for both the parties. Maintain your elite status for them and they will provide you the best deals for your visit. Even they can offer you luxury deals in normal prices. Your elite status will be generating on the basis of your regular interval of visit and this will increase your bonus points.


15. Use Credit Card Reward Points
Your Credit card could be game changer. Using of same credit card for the booking can increase your bonus score and this score will help for accommodation. You can use American express, visa etc that’s depend on your country standard. Banks will support you on the basis of bookings.


16. Follow on Social Media
Everybody knows the power of social media. It has been the best source for promotion and interaction. Choose your favorite platform and like pages or follow pages as per your interest. It will be help you to get offers from the accommodation party. You also get the fair reviews of customers about them.


17. Sign up for E-newsletter Deals
Subscribe via email to your favorite booking sites. They often distribute deals and special coupons only to their email subscribers and members.


18. Delete your cookies/history
Don’t forget to delete your cookies/history when you visit the booking site for your future booking. Either use different browser or incognito before looking up prices again for the same site. Most of the website restore the search data and when you back without deleting the cookies then sometimes you could face more prices or same prices as before so compare it both the way.