Head Out to Tosh


23 June 2020

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Head Out to Tosh

The Smallest Place of Kasol, Tosh is a quaint and small locality with a population of a mere 700
people. Unlike Kasol, this small community has a more European influence and is the last place at
the end of Parvati Valley. A mere bus ride away, you must pay a visit to Tosh for the beautiful
scenery and to tick off your list of places to visit in Kasol. The good food and the unique set of
people you will get to meet on your travels here will give you memories for a lifetime! There are
several foreigners who visit Tosh for its famous produce that has had several people flocking here
to have a really good time. This hamlet is extremely cold during the winters and is known for their
sudden influx of Israeli and European tourists. If you are looking for something different in the
things to do in Kasol, then you should head here

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