Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol


30 June 2020

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Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol


When we hit any new spot, the principal thing we consider is a souvenir to purchase from that place so we take everything back as keepsakes within recent memory there. And believe it immediately that Kasol is a stunning spot to include probably the best collectibles to add to your home, recollections, and even your closet.

Numerous business sectors in Kasol, particularly the one at Bhuntar are an extraordinary spot to remember for your rundown of spots to go when the shopping bug nibbles. Gather semi-valuable stones, shirts, woolens, fragrant oils and sheets, floor coverings, rugs, and considerably more to add to your heap from Kasol, so when you return, you will realize that there is some piece of Kasol still with you.


, The Five Dimension


Kasol is a shopaholic’s heaven! The city’s beautiful swap meet has huge amounts of brilliant stuff that you can snatch to bring home with you from chillums to Himachali tops thus substantially more! So while you’re walking the roads of Kasol, search for these 6 wonderful things:

Everything From Chillums To Bongs

We as a whole need gifts to review an epic excursion! So while you’re in Kasol, you can’t in any way, shape, or form leave without snatching some beautiful looking chillums, bongs, and stunning hallucinogenic gleam in obscurity tees. The market is loaded up with such stuff at modest costs, so let your inward shopaholic free!

Bob Marley Tees

A Shiva and Bob Marley shirt are required for each fashionable person who visits Kasol! Here, you’ll effectively discover Bob Marley shirts, banners, groups, and armbands in each conceivable shading since this piece of Himachal! So don’t consider returning without getting yourself one or possibly a couple.

Himachali Caps

The delightful city of Himachal helps up the swap meets with its customary handiworks and high-quality products. So in case, you’re in Kasol, remember to go winter shopping and binge spend on their vivid and lovely Himachali tops produced using the best quality fleece and best handwork!


Overwhelmed with different clans, the swap meets of Kasol have the absolute prettiest dream catchers for you to bring home! Accessible in different hues, sizes, and plans, the fantasy catchers are an unquestionable requirement purchase from here for the guarantee to be an extraordinary expansion to your rooms!

Semi-Precious Stones

With little swap meets at each corner selling an assortment of crafted works, woolen tops, and garments, remember to look for armbands, neckbands, pendants, knickknacks, and different extras made of semi-valuable stones! They are vivid, pretty, and are an extraordinary expansion to your storage room, so get yourself some without a doubt!

Crafted works

Encircled by lovely towns, the Kasol swap meet offers a wide scope of crafted works and hand-painted things. Himachal is popular for its customary painstaking work, handknit garments, and the best of adornments, so overdo it away and get yourself an ideal trinket!

Brush your haggling aptitudes as they’re going to prove to be useful when you shop at Kasol’s swap meets!

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