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Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure our guests might have certain questions regarding the place, that is why we have already answered some of them for you. If you have more queries or questions feel free to raise your query form contact form.

, The Five Dimension , The Five Dimension How should I get to the Five Dimension Resort?

Once you have reached the Parvati Valley, you will spot a wooden bridge across the Parvati River. Just cross the bridge and you will see a banner where ``Five Dimension Resort`` will be imprinted. If you can spot it, you know you have reached the correct destination!

, The Five Dimension , The Five Dimension How should I visit places in Kasol?

If you are new to Kasol, you can consider taking a guide, although it may not be required, since Kasol is a small place. You can browse through the internet regarding the best places to visit in Kasol. For traveling, you can take local transport too, or take a cab to reach your destination. Although, people usually prefer to hike to the destination and witness exquisite views of the valleys.

, The Five Dimension , The Five Dimension Can I cancel my Hotel bookings on the same day of arrival?

I'm afraid so, that will not be possible. However, you can Cancel your bookings a day prior and you will get a refund. In case, you insist to cancel your bookings on the same day as arrival, you will not be given a refund if you have done your payment online.

, The Five Dimension , The Five Dimension Can I get the room upgraded while checking-in if I have already made the payment online?

No, that will not be possible, however, you can get an upgrade if you have booked your stay from our website and not from a third-party website.

, The Five Dimension , The Five Dimension Do you provide any Off-season discounts to tourists?

Off-season discounts are provided only on arrival. They will not be disclosed before-hand. However, you can contact the receptionist for more details. If you have booked a room with us, from a third-party website, no discounts will be provided in that case.


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