Binge on Israeli Cuisine


23 June 2020

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Binge on Israeli Cuisine

Envision seeing the delightful Himalayas and the other snow-topped mountains as you voraciously consume food shakshouka, lemon cakes and different sorts of extraordinary Israeli cooking. There is an explanation that Kasol is known as the smaller than expected Israel of India.


From the curious bistros to the boisterous road nourishment in the region, Kasol offers you a brilliant opportunity to eat on stunning nourishment and have an extraordinary discussion about the climate. Visit the ‘Turquoise Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen’ for astounding food that will have you frail in the knees. Appreciate sweets like ‘Hello to the king’ and ‘Hello to the queen’ while you are at the Evergreen eatery and bistro.

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