Activities to do in Kasol


23 June 2020

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Activities to do in Kasol

  1. Trek to Kheer Ganga:

The trek to Kheer Ganga of emerald green slopes is a difficult yet fun, nine kilometer, four-hour jump on a limited and dubious path, along these lines it isn’t for weak-willed. Although it is dubious in numerous angles, it despite everything stands to be probably the simplest activity in Kasol and one of the most challenging activities too. Kheer Ganga lies towards the extraordinary finish of Parvati valley, and generally, this spot will be shrouded in a day off scantily canvassed in different months, despite everything making for a tricky spread and trail for anybody strolling or trekking here.


When you arrive at the highest point of the Kheer Ganga, you will wind up in the delightful organization of enchanted mists, thick and sodden because of the climate, pine and apple trees directly out of fantasies and snow-topped mountains that give a practically entrancing look to the sky. There is an excellent and enchanted sanctuary of Lord Siva with underground aquifer showers here for you to see and appreciate.


Kasol is the best thought for a vacation where you don’t have to do a lot, essentially sit back, unwind and let the mountains, pine trees, great nourishment and astounding society of the spot transport you to an entire diverse reality where there is the sound of music noticeable all around from the Mother Nature and get an opportunity to do the energizing activities in Kasol that have made voyagers run towards the spot in energized expectation.


  1. Head Out to Tosh

Set at a height of roughly 2400 meters, a long way from the buzzing about, Tosh is a customary Himachal town in Parvati Valley. The town is known for its cannabis manors and the amazing perspectives on the contiguous slopes abounding with thick Himalayan vegetation. Visiting Tosh and encountering the basic culture and way of life of Himachal Pradesh is surely among the most pleasant things to do in Kasol.


Notwithstanding a bunch of homestays, Tosh has some cool bistros that serve a wide scope of nourishment things from Israeli Cuisine because of the extensive convergence of Israeli voyagers consistently. In addition, you can likewise anticipate appreciating a hallucinogenic gathering here.

  1. Visit Manikaran Sahib

Arranged a good way off, of around 6 km from Kasol, Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara arranged right in the center of the scourging River Beas. It doesn’t make a difference what religion you are, this is a positive activity in Kasol on your excursion there. You can take a dunk in the natural aquifers situated by the Gurudwara as it is accepted to wash away all transgressions and bad behaviors, as per local people.



In spite of the fact that the Gurudwara is presently under redesign because of a catastrophic event striking its design, it is an unquestionable requirement visit on the off chance that you are in Kasol. The ‘Langar’ is certainly worth the time you will spend here as the food here is basically heavenly and cooked inside the four dividers of the sacred spot.


4.Binge on Israeli Cuisine

Envision seeing the delightful Himalayas and the other snow-topped mountains as you voraciously consume food shakshouka, lemon cakes and different sorts of extraordinary Israeli cooking. There is an explanation that Kasol is known as the smaller than expected Israel of India.


From the curious bistros to the boisterous road nourishment in the region, Kasol offers you a brilliant opportunity to eat on stunning nourishment and have an extraordinary discussion about the climate. Visit the ‘Turquoise Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen’ for astounding food that will have you frail in the knees. Appreciate sweets like ‘Hello to the king’ and ‘Hello to the queen’ while you are at the Evergreen eatery and bistro.


5.Go Shopping on the Streets of Kasol

Whenever people visit a new place, most of them like to carry a sovereign that can remind them of the place they had been to. What’s more important than immediately grabbing one? Kasol is an astounding spot to include the absolute best collectibles to add to your home, recollections, and even your closet.


Numerous business sectors in Kasol, particularly the one at Bhuntar are an extraordinary spot to remember for your rundown of spots to go when the shopping bug chomps. Gather semi-valuable stones, shirts, woolens, fragrant oils and sheets, floor coverings, rugs and considerably more to add to your heap from Kasol, so when you return, you will realize that there is a piece of Kasol with you.


6.Chill at Hype Music Festival

A bundle that unites an assortment of fun encounters for you, the Hype Music Festival in Kasol is one of the most well-known occasions held here. Aside from an inimitable choice of melodic exhibitions by all-inclusive famous DJs, you can anticipate submerging your faculties in grill, blaze, and other enjoyable exercises.


The trippy enrichment and light impacts help to upgrade the vibes made by the hallucinogenic tunes and beats. This amalgamation of celebrations with the cool environment of the slopes makes a life-changing encounter, making it one of the most agreeable activities in Kasol.



Out of such a large number of astonishing exercises, one of the definite best activities in Kasol is to camp in the many astounding spots of the Parvati Valley. Green-clad slopes with the thundering stream passing by at the base make for an astounding setting to camp right now.


You can camp by a riverside, or camp at the highest point of Kheerganga, or in the lofty Magic Valley, or even in the delightful Tosh Valley, there is no deficiency of spots to set up your shelter for the night as you rest taking a gander at the dazzling stars found under the immaculate paradise of a valley. Kasol is without a doubt the best time to tidy your tent and have a good time being out.


8.Sar Pass Trek

The word ‘Sar’ in the local language converts into ‘Lake’. When on this trek, you need to pass a lake which is typically solidified, in this manner giving it the name of Sar Pass Trek. This simple yet troublesome trek draws in many individuals hoping to go through their end of the week encountering something odd and extraordinary and has increased a great deal of fame recently for the magnificence that one gets the chance to see through the trek.


You will be passing run of the mill Himalayan knolls, backwoods, towns, houses, and mountains. It is all nothing in contrast with the final product that one gets after arriving at the goal, and that is a fantastic perspective on the Himalayan reaches that will undoubtedly blow your mind.


  1. Fishing in Naggar Village

A refreshing drive on stunning mountain streets will take you to Naggar where you can enjoy fishing and take in some helpful hints from the accomplished local people. This old town in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is most popular for Naggar Castle and its various altars. An angling meeting here is completely fun on the off chance that you are looking for an open-air understanding.


Since the town is situated at the banks of the Beas River, it is a most loved spot among angling sweethearts visiting Kasol. A visit to Naggar Castle can likewise be matched with an angling experience here to transform the whole day into a wonderful experience.


10.Moon Dance Cafe: Enjoy Here With Friends

On the off chance that you are searching for the best activities in Kasol with your companions, Moon Dance Cafe should top your rundown. This bistro enhances itself with staggering perspectives on contiguous mountains and valleys. Favored by many, this bistro unwinds the open door for you to have some extraordinary discussions. On the off chance that you are here for breakfast, you should try dishes, like, bread rolls, fried eggs, etc. While there may be different bistros which are in reality better, Moon Dance Cafe has its own appeal and legitimacy.


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