A Budget Guide to Enjoy 4 Days in Kasol


23 June 2020

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A Budget Guide to Enjoy 4 Days in Kasol

Numerous individuals have begun to make a trip to the Parvati Valley lately. Sometimes individuals ask us a typical inquiry on visiting Kasol, “How to make a spending outing to Kasol in Parvati Valley?” All things considered, we thought, why not compose an article to clarify this subject of Kasol spending trip in detail. Kasol, settled in Parvati Valley, is a fantastic spot to go-to for all voyagers, youthful and practically everyone. But, it is a constant thought on the most proficient method to deal with the expense of a Kasol trip. It turns out to be particularly troublesome in case you’re an understudy or even a youthful working proficient without a lot of reserve funds.


Yes, you can make a budget trip to Kasol and enjoy it equally at the same time. So, how can you plan a cheap trip to Kasol?


Planning a Kasol Budget Trip

There are a few variables associated with the expense of Kasol trip or any excursion to the Himalayas. These elements include:


  1. The Itinerary – Number of days you are intending to head out to Parvati Valley and the beginning stage/spot of your outing.
  2. Traveling Costs – What is your method of transport to make a trip to Kasol.
  3. Accommodation Costs – Which kind of lodgings you intend to stay in.
  4. Meals Cost – What kind of food you eat and particularly where you eat that meal.
  5. Various Costs – Shopping and Entertainment Expenses (discretionary).


Thus, in light of this separation – we should see how to budget plan for a Kasol excursion while additionally guaranteeing the most extreme blast for your bucks.


Itinerary for a budget trip to Kasol

As the number of days assumes a crucial job at the expense of any excursion, let us consider an example schedule of Kasol trip that will be used for instance. We have just shared the article on the most widely recognized itinerary item of Parvati Valley. However, for this article, we will consider a 5-day schedule for Kasol spending trip.


  • Day 1 | Reach Kasol from Delhi / Chandigarh
  • Day 2 | Relax in Kasol – Hike to Chalal Village
  • Day 3 | Kasol – Kheerganga Trek
  • Day 4 | Kheerganga – Tosh
  • Day 5 | Tosh – Kasol – Come back home Delhi / Chandigarh


You should realize that the beginning stage/spot of your Kasol trip additionally impacts your financial limit. You may need to pick between various methods of transport to arrive at the base area for the Kasol trip. These areas could be Delhi to Chandigarh or you may travel to Bhuntar in Himachal. Presently, in light of this agenda, let us perceive how you can spare expenses on your spending outing to Parvati Valley.


Traveling Costs for Kasol Trip

Delhi to Kasol by Air


If you are heading out from Delhi to Kasol by flight, you should take a trip to Bhuntar Airport close to Kullu. This is the closest air terminal from Kasol at around 31 kilometers and there are private taxis and cabs you can take till the town. Bhuntar Airport, served by household flights from Delhi, is the closest air terminal to Kasol.


Delhi to Kasol by Rail


For those going by rail from Delhi to Kasol, you should take a train to Bhuntar as there are no immediate trains. There is no immediate Delhi to Bhuntar train accessible. One can take a train to reach Chandigarh and afterward make the remainder of the excursion via road. The closest railroad station to Kasol is situated in Joginder Nagar, which is around 143 km away. For an issue free travel, book a taxi or transport and quit pondering about how to reach Kasol from Delhi via train. You can preferably choose the sleeper class (Rs 280) or 3-AC at the max (Rs 755). After reaching Joginder Nagar, you can hire a shared cab to reach Kasol. The drop will cost you around Rs 200.


Delhi to Kasol by Road


There is no immediate bus facility from Delhi to Kasol therefore, you will have to get down at Bhuntar bus stop. Venturing out from Delhi to Kasol by bus takes around 12 to 13 hours. Delhi to Kasol transport run by private administrators leaves from MajnukaTila in Delhi. While Government transports normally employ from Kashmiri Gate ISBT in Delhi to Bhuntar. From here, you can get a taxi or cab to Kasol. It takes around 2 hours to make a trip from Bhuntar to Kasol. The cost of traveling by car on a 5-day Kasol trip may come out to be Rs 1200-1500 for fuel depending on your car’s mileage


Traveling from Kasol to nearby areas

Truly, it is conceivable to cover different places on a Kasol trip, even on a tight spending plan. According to our itinerary Kasol spending trip schedule, the must-visit puts in Parvati Valley incorporate Tosh and Kheerganga (at any rate).


For visiting Tosh and Kheerganga, you’ll have to reach Barshaini, which is an hour from Kasol. You can venture out to these spots by a common vacationer taxi. You can hike to Kheerganga if you want or in summers some common taxis take you close to Tosh town.


Thus, per person expense for coming to Barshaini from Kasol to visit Kheerganga and Tosh will associate with Rs 200 – 300. This expense additionally incorporates going between Kheerganga trek beginning stage and Tosh town according to the schedule.


At that point, different spots of intrigue can be Chalal, Rashol, and Pulga towns. These touring spots of Parvati Valley are arranged on trails. Subsequently, allowed to travel.


Parvati Valley Travel Cost Summary

Summarizing every one of these choices together, you will spend the accompanying expenses on making a trip to Kasol as indicated by your method of transport.

The base expense for venturing out to Kasol via train in sleeper class is Rs 1200 – Rs 1300 ((500)+(200-300)+(500)).


The base expense for making a trip to Kasol by private vehicle in a gathering of 4-5 individuals is Rs 1200 – Rs 1500 as fuel charges.


The base expense for making a trip to Kasol by HRTC conventional transport is Rs 1700 – Rs 1800 ((750)+(200-300)+(750)).


Thus, you can see that if you need to make a spending excursion to Kasol, at that point going via train in a sleeper class is the least expensive alternative at Rs 1200 – Rs 1300.

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