6 Best Places to Visit in December

Mukesh Chetwani

04 February 2021

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6 Best Places to Visit in December

6 best Places to Visit in December in India which we try to cover in our blog. If you are thinking about exploring some beautiful desinations then you might like our blog.


  1. Agra

This ever-lovely city on the banks of the noiseless and soft River Yamuna is a memorable city for exploration. Agra is the zenith of tourism exquisiteness in India. Every year, lakhs of tourists from each and every part of the world visit Agra to relish in the architectural splendors of the land including the Taj Mahal.

Apart from this marble tomb which is already on the top of seven wonders of the world and a long list of other architectural beauties, Agra is also the epitome of culture, faith, belief, gardens, and much more. Agra is a gorgeous beauty throughout the year. However, December would surely add more beauty and ease to your tour with the pleasing climate.


  1. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol, a paradise on earth, a beautiful place to live, and wonderful land to visit for peace of mind.

Kasol is a hamlet in the district Kullu of Himachal Pradesh in the north of India. It is a tiny village situated on the banks of the river Parvati. Kasol is a famous tourist attraction that has speedily gained fame as a very prevalent hub for trekkers, backpackers, and mystic nature lovers.

It is frequently identified as the Amsterdam of India; this old-fashioned slightly big village is royal in natural scenic beauty.  While being placed between the towns of Bhuntar and Manikaran, Kasol might seem like a bare, featureless village from the external side, but it is one of the best spaces in the state to just sit back and chill in the lap of nature.

You can stay in The Five Dimensions Resort that embraces the side of the river, or in a convenient wooden house with mountain views from every room. You can also choose a dwelling with outdoor tented beds to be even closer to the landscape.


  1. Sonamarg

Another charming hill station that can be a truly wonderful choice for a vacation in December is the Sonamarg of Jammu and Kashmir. Situated at an altitude of approximately 2800 m above sea level, this place is home to many serene lakes, including Satsar and Gadsar lakes. Over many years, the place has made its name extremely popular through venture sports like trekking, skiing, and hiking.

As a result, adventure freaks run to Sonamarg across the whole year. In December all the above three activities are on offer, in addition to many other leisure activities, namely camping and trout fishing. Whether you visit there for adventure or simply relax amid the beauty of nature, you are going to thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Best places to visit in Sonamarg are Gadsar Lake, Baltal Valley, Satsar Lake, Gangabal Lake, Nilagrad River, Zoji-La Pass, Thajiwas Glacier, Krishnasar Lake and Yusmarg.


  1. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands are a collection of tropical islands in the Laccadive Sea, just off the coast of Kerala. Only a handful of this archipelago of islands are fully open to the public, the rest either unoccupied or off-limits for visitors.

You must obtain prior permission to visit any of these islands of Lakshadweep. What makes Lakshadweep a delightful December holiday destination is its combination of sandy beaches, coral reefs, and continual natural vistas that warm your heart. Here the winters are moderately cool, and they start from December, with temperatures shifting between 20 and 32°C.

For beach darlings who want to jump in the sand, sea, and the sun without being scorched within an inch of their lives, Lakshadweep is the best bet possible during December.


  1. Munroe Island

This winter, travel to Munroe Island, which is at the union of two rivers and has the ultimate serene backwaters. The island still conserves its age-old inheritance and ethos; they even have the tools which were used during Stone Age. Munroe Island has been named after its first resident, Colonel John Munroe.

The island has some of the very old architecture in the whole country, and structures that once upon a time belonged to the Dutch. However, Munroe Island is facing a threat of submerging, so for all travelers, the clock is ticking at a high pace.

Many of the things you may do during your stay in Munroe Island are Taking a canal cruise through the remote islands and spotting rare water birds on the shores of the island.


  1. Dawki, Shillong

The place becomes heavenly beautiful in December with a pleasant temperature ranging from 12 to 20 degrees Celsius. Shillong is the one and only hill station in the country which is accessible from all sides. The water of the Unmgot river in Dwaki is so crystal clear that a boat floating on it, seems like it is floating in the middle of the air. Shillong certainly needs to be included in your list of top tourist places in India during the winter season.

And yes, you can relish the sweet and juicy oranges at the border town sitting near the river.

Essentials to carry while you go to these 6 best places to visit in December:

  • Phone charger / portable phone charger

  • Indian Rupees

  • Flip flops (for the hostel bathrooms)

  • Water bottle

  • Socks

  • Underwear

  • Sun cream

  • Medicines / painkillers

  • Any paperwork you may need


I hope you have enjoyed this extensive information on the 6 best places to visit in December. Please let us know about your reading experience. your feedback is really important for us.

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